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New Clients

New to the Ritual Skincare Spa? Here are 2 great options for you to choose from!

New Client Facial

60 minutes | $109

Not sure what to pick, where to start, or what your skin needs? 


If you're not sure where to start, the New Client Facial is always a great choice!

Along with a thorough skin analysis, during this facial, I like to spend some time discussing everything about your skin: your skincare habits and concerns, how your skin acts and feels, and what your dream skin looks and feels like. This is the first step. Where the journey to your best skin starts!

What's Included: The New Client Facial includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, professional exfoliation, extractions, neck, shoulder and facial massage, custom mask, serums, moisturizer, and SPF. Leave with glowing skin!

New clients always leave with recommendations for a skincare regimen (along with some education on what the products do and what they're good for) and a treatment plan for follow up treatments that will set you up for success, 

Skincare is a partnership. Professional Facial Treatments + Professional Skincare Products just for YOUR skin conditions + Consistency = STUNNING skin at every age.

Enzyme Therapy

(Clinical Treatment)

New Client Option:

Introductory Enzyme Therapy Special | $330

(2 Treatments + 30-Day Home Care Products Kit)

For new enzyme therapy clients only-can only be booked once. Includes 2 Enzyme Therapy treatments. 2 treatments total, 2 weeks apart. Bonus: 30-day supply of DMK home care products included. *Must be paid in full at first appointment-no refunds due to special pricing.

The best of the best! This is a facial unlike any other! Enzyme Therapy isn't your normal cosmetic facial, and it does not produce normal cosmetic facial's much more than that! The mask portion of this treatment consists of transfer-messenger enzymes which are applied to the skin for 45 minutes. These enzymes condition and activate the deep layers of the skin, remove excess dead cell build-up, strengthen the skin, stimulates collagen & elastin production, supremely nourishes the skin through oxygenated blood flow, hydrates the skin, removes toxins, debris and fluids from the skin, and provides lymphatic drainage.

This world-class skin revision treatment dramatically changes skin conditions such as: Aging, Lines & Wrinkles, Acne, Pigmentation, Premature Aging, Loss of Firmness, Sagging, Redness, Rosacea, Scarring & so much more!

This is a clinical treatment.

Want to learn more about Enzyme Therapy? Click here!

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