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Acne Boot Camp

Acne Boot Camp has a proven success rate of 90% for most Acne types

Acne Boot Camp Program

Between countless products, trial and error, and dermatologists visits, do you feel like you’ve tried it all when it comes to clearing your acne and nothing has seemed to work?


If so, then it’s time for Acne Boot Camp! With a 90% success rate, your Acne Specialists here at Ritual Skincare Spa in Hamburg, NY can help you finally clear your skin. It’s not a quick fix or fast process, but with dedication, commitment, and consistency, you can transform your skin.


Did you know there isn’t just one type of acne? Acne is not a one size fits all condition. There are many different types of acne and they all respond differently. Most clients who partake in Acne Boot Camp, will see beautiful results in 3-6 months (however, some specific types of acne may take 10-12 months, realistically). Your Acne Specialist will give you a realistic timeline at your consultation for your personal acne type.

If you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding we can still treat you for acne. However, we will require a note from your doctor approving you for acne treatments and what skincare ingredients they would like you to avoid before we proceed with any treatments.


You must be all in when it comes to acne boot camp-with commitment, comes results! 

Requirements of the Acne Boot Client:

  • Professional Treatments Twice a Month (according to your treatment plan given at your consultation).

  • A commitment to daily skincare habits and lifestyle changes.

  • Purchase of Professional Skincare Product Regimen. A full regimen is required (no partial purchases). A typical regimen will cost $160-$190, plus sales tax, so be prepared to make this initial investment. Most products will last 2-3 months with proper usage.

  • After your initial regimen purchase, tweaks may be required to your regimen (every skin responds differently) which will require an additional investment of approximately $50-75.

  • Checking in with your Acne Specialist every 2 weeks for product regimen usage changes.

  • Use of any outside skincare products and/or topical medications are strictly prohibited while in acne boot camp. This ensures other factors/products don’t disrupt your progress or are counterproductive to our program.

To start with Acne Boot Camp or to see if it's right for you, the first step is 

to book an Acne Bootcamp Consultation.

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