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Enzyme Therapy

Your best bet for tackling the signs of aging and your biggest skin challenges.

Neurotris Microcurrent

ATP is a molecule that is the main energy source of all our cells. As we grow older, ATP decreases and leads to a loss of collagen and elastin in our skin. That’s when we start to notice lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, texture changes, and smile lines become more apparent. Increasing ATP is key to help improve the signs of aging as our skin cannot work to correct or change the imperfections that we may want to fix.

Microcurrent uses a very gentle, extremely low-level electrical current (that mimics the body's natural current) to energize the cells to increase ATP by 500% and forces intercellular hydration levels. This extends the life of the cells and promotes the rebuilding of collagen and elastin and well as increasing hydration levels in the skin.

Neurotris Microcurrent is a safe, painless, non-invasive, and rejuvenating treatment that is for those looking to reverse the signs of aging as well as those in their 20’s & 30’s looking to maintain and preserve their current youthful appearance and seeking to delay or avoid more invasive treatments.

What does it do?​

  • Increases collagen and elastin

  • Delays the signs of aging

  • Promotes blood flow-provides circulation & oxygenation

  • Refines lines & wrinkles (deep & superficial)

  • Lifts & tightens through muscle re-education

  • Tones & sculpts

  • Provides lymphatic drainage and flushes out toxins

  • Reduces puffy eyes & dark circles

  • Hydrates the skin at a cellular level

  • Increases healing & decreases inflammation

  • It's also a perfect partner to Botox! As Botox can atrophy the muscles over time, microcurrent can re-stimulate the muscles and help keep them toned and not slack.

What conditions can it help?

  • Aging

  • Premature Aging

  • Deep & Fine Lines

  • Folds/Smile Lines

  • Texture

  • Sagging Skin

  • Rosacea (increasing ATP helps the repair and healing process)

  • Acne

How often should I get Microcurrent?

While results can be seen in as little as one treatment, microcurrent is like exercise and results are cumulative. 

Microcurrent Treatment Recommendations for best results:

  • 35 years & under- 6 Treatments over a 3 week period

  • 35-50 years- 10-15 Treatments over a 5-7 week period

  • 50+ years- 15 Treatments over a 5-7 week period

  • Smokers & Sun lovers will require 15-20 Treatments over an 8-10 week period

Note: After completing a series of treatments (as outlined above), a monthly maintenance treatment is suggested to maintain results.

Are there any contraindications?

There are certain contraindications (a symptom or condition) that prohibit this treatment from taking place.


Contraindications include:

  • Pregnancy

  • Pacemaker

  • Defibrillator

  • Epilepsy/History of Seizures

  • Implanted Medical Devices

  • Cancer (active)

List of conditions that require your physician's approval letter before treatment can be performed:

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Conditions

  • Metal plates or pins in the face

  • Phlebitis/Thrombosis

  • Recent Surgery

  • Recent Childbirth 

Special Consideration: Herpes/Cold Sores - If you are prone to cold sores or facial herpes breakouts, please note microcurrent has the potential to activate a re-occurrence. Please note to proceed with caution using your own judgment to determine whether or not you'd like to proceed with microcurrent.

Does it hurt or is it uncomfortable?

Microcurrent is an extremely low level of electricity that mimics the electricity that naturally flows through our bodies. Neurotris microcurrent is pain-free and very relaxing.

Typical sensations may include:

  • A mild metallic taste in the mouth.

  • Slight tingling sensations

  • Small muscle twitches when working around the eyes.

  • The perception of flashes of light when working around the eyes (resulting from the stimulation of the optic nerve) 

Anything I need to do before my appointment?

It is strongly suggested to drink 16oz. or more prior to your treatment and 16-32oz. after your treatment. Being hydrated before and after your microcurrent treatment will yield the best results as the microcurrent current does not flow very well in dehydrated skin and will not provide good results.

Can I get this treatment if I get Botox or Fillers?

Yes, but you will need to wait 2 WEEKS after having any injectables (botox, restylane, juvederm, etc.) before you can receive a microcurrent treatment. It is suggested to get your facial treatments performed before your botox or filler appointment.

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