About Us

Jeanine Zaleski

Owner/Licensed Esthetician

Hey there, I’m Jeanine!


I’m a licensed esthetician and am obsessed with healthy skin! I love to help my clients not only transform their skin, but learn how to properly take care of their unique skin conditions. My clients always receive personalized service, a customized treatment catered just to their specific skin concerns, and someone (me!) who wants only the best for them and their skin.

Age management and adult acne is my specialty! What that means is that I provide treatments, skin care products and focus my education on those looking to address the signs of aging (and everything that comes with it!), those looking to prevent the signs of aging, or those looking to clear up adult acne issues. If you're concerned about acne or aging, I'm your girl!

You can change your skin at any age! You don’t need to give up or accept that “that’s just how it is now” or that “it’s too late”. 

At Ritual Skincare Spa, I believe with professional treatments, a customized skin care regimen and consistency, you can reach your skincare goals. It can be easy, stress-free and even fun!

After a long stint of working in HR & Bookkeeping and feeling unfulfilled, I decided a career change was in order! I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career and I felt lost. But when I sat down and really focused on all the crumbs I've left for myself over the years, all signs pointed to skincare and the beauty industry. 


An obsession with makeup, facial cleansers, serums, moisturizers, trying every method and product to clear up my teenage acne and being the 16-year-old that was telling everyone to put on their sunscreen...my path became crystal clear. I wanted a career where I could help people look and feel their very best while offering quality, personalized, and results-driven services.

I can honestly say that being an esthetician is a dream come true and it truly fuels my soul. I may not have taken the fastest way to realize this dream but realizing my true calling is not something I would change for a second!

​When I'm not working on beautiful faces, I enjoy antique malls, farmers markets, a good cup of coffee, and spending time with my husband and our two cats, Izzy and Gidget. I believe in giving back and have committed to giving part of my earnings to animal rescue and adoption team, HEART. 


I'm so happy to share my passion for skincare with every one of you. ​I hope to see your beautiful face at Ritual Skincare Spa soon! 

Teresa Nolan

Licensed Esthetician

Hi, I’m Teresa!  A Licensed Esthetician who loves helping clients feel confident in the skin they're in! 


Graduating from the Esthetics program at Continental School of Beauty in 2017, I quickly obtained my Esthetics License in January, 2018. 

My passion for Esthetics stemmed from my own battle with problematic skin that began at an early age. I was barely a teenager when I developed acne- which was not only a physical struggle, but an emotional one as well.


My journey to obtaining healthier skin sparked a desire in me to want to help others feel more confident with their skin too - no matter the skin condition or concern they're facing. As an Esthetician, it is my goal to help others love their skin by providing them with the proper knowledge, tools and treatments they need to feel confident and healthy!

When it comes to improving my knowledge, skill and growth in the esthetics world, there's nothing that makes me more excited! Continuing my education and advancing my knowledge is very important to me. In my downtime you'll find me watching training videos and researching all things skin related.


When I'm not at the spa, I enjoy spending my free time with my family- whether it's quality time at home or spending time outdoors (which we love!). I'm also a fan of road trips, craft beer, reality TV, and online shopping!

I'm currently taking new clients and I'd love to meet you and help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin! Hope to see you at the spa soon!

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