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Aging skin is constantly changing. Treat your concerns with customized facial treatments, programs and skincare products targeted to aging skin...and everything that comes with it!

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I specialize in Aging Skin

As we age, the look and feel of our skin starts to change and how to take care of it can be so overwhelming. At Ritual Skincare Spa,

I help guide you in taking care of your skin’s unique conditions and concerns with paramedical treatments and medical grade skincare products, so you can have beautiful skin (and keep it that way)!

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Aging skin is constantly changing!

Is your skin rapidly changing and you're not sure what to do or where to start?

Do you feel like your sun damage or pigmentation is irreversible?

Noticing fine lines or wrinkles?

Is your skin feeling dull, or has the texture changed?

Noticing a lack of firmness?

You've been dealing with a new skin problem or a long time problem that hasn’t been addressed.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated

You can change what you don’t love about your skin

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STUNNING skin at every age!

Hey there, I'm Jeanine!

I’m a licensed esthetician and am obsessed with healthy skin! I love to help my clients not only transform their skin, but learn how to properly take care of their unique skin conditions!


You receive personalized, one-on-one attention and someone who wants

only the best for you and your skin.

My specialty is age management. What does that mean? Age management means that I provide treatments, skincare products and focus my education for those looking to address the signs of aging (and everything that comes with it!) as well as those looking to prevent the signs of aging. 

You can change your skin at any age! You don’t need to give up or accept that “that’s just how it is now” or that “it’s too late”. 

At Ritual Skincare Spa, I believe with professional treatments, a customized skin care regimen and consistency, you can reach your skin care goals. It can be easy, stress free and even fun!

It’s time! Partner with a trusted professional and reclaim your confidence over how your skin ages. I can’t wait to work with you!


I’ve been to Jeanine twice now and both times have been beyond enjoyable experiences. Your skin concerns are heard, solutions are addressed, and you feel a real sense that you are more than just a client showing up. You leave with glowing skin and an excitement to utilize all the helpful tips that are suggested during your facial. Can’t praise Ritual Skincare enough!

Kelsey R.

Google Review

I’ve been a cosmetologist for 17 years & can tell you Jeanine is hands down, the BEST esthetician that has EVER worked on my skin. Her continued education & thirst for knowledge keeps her at the top of the industry. She’s always updating products, tools & techniques. Her space is well decorated & more importantly, super clean. Jeanine’s professional yet down to earth approach can put a “veteran” facial client (like myself) or a first timer at ease. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment! You’ll be hooked.

Brooke H.

Google Review

I really can’t say enough. Jeanine is one of those people you feel like you’ve known a lifetime. Immediately when you walk in you feel so at home & comfortable. She knows exactly what my skin needs, her prices are incredibly affordable & her professionalism is exceptional. I can’t wait to get my next enzyme therapy facial! Thanks for always being genuinely you Jeanine!

Ashley S.

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Age Management Treatments

Enzyme Therapy is the ultimate age management facial treatment. It will help correct your skin concerns and restore

the skin to its peak condition. Unlike cosmetic facials that only work on the surface of the skin, enzyme therapy works with the structures & functions of the skin and creates the ultimate healthy environment for your skin's cells to thrive in. Encouraging and enabling it to change what you see on the surface.


For best results, a series of treatments is advised and will be recommended for your specific goals.