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Results Oriented Treatments

These treatments are your best bet for tackling the signs of aging and your biggest skin challenges.

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Enzyme Therapy (Clinical Treatment)

4 Options:

Single treatment | 90 minutes | $159

Single treatment with Microcurrent | 120 minutes | $209

Introductory Enzyme Therapy Special | $330

For new enzyme therapy clients only-can only be booked once. Includes 2 Enzyme Therapy treatments. 2 treatments total, 2 weeks apart. Bonus: 30-day supply of DMK home care products included. *Must be paid in full at first appointment-no refunds due to special pricing.

Series Package available: Buy 5, Get 1 Free | $795

The series package includes 6 treatments in total. Enzyme Therapy treatments are recommended either monthly or once every 2 weeks. *Series Package must be paid in full at first appointment-no exceptions and no refunds due to special pricing.

The best of the best! This is a facial unlike any other! Enzyme Therapy isn't your normal cosmetic facial, and it does not produce normal cosmetic facial's much more than that! The mask portion of this treatment consists of transfer-messenger enzymes which are applied to the skin for 45 minutes. These enzymes condition and activate the deep layers of the skin, remove excess dead cell build-up, strengthen the skin, stimulates collagen & elastin production, supremely nourishes the skin through oxygenated blood flow, hydrates the skin, removes toxins, debris and fluids from the skin, and provides lymphatic drainage.

This world-class skin revision treatment dramatically changes skin conditions such as: Aging, Lines & Wrinkles, Acne, Pigmentation, Premature Aging, Loss of Firmness, Sagging, Redness, Rosacea, Scarring & so much more!

This is a clinical treatment.

Want to learn more about Enzyme Therapy? Click here!

The Mini Enzyme

75 minutes | $129

Thinking about Enzyme Therapy, but not sure?​


Test the waters and try the Mini Enzyme!


The Mini Enzyme is a great introduction to Enzyme Therapy. The Mini Enzyme is a lighter version of the Enzyme Therapy mask. It's approximately 1/4 of the strength and tightness of the full strength mask and is a great way to feel all the sensations and difference the enzyme mask can make!


Tighten and tones, exfoliates dead skin cells, creates microcirculation-bringing fresh, oxygenated blood flow to the skin, removes impurities and excess fluids from the skin and so much more! Leaves skin soft & smooth!

The Mini Enzyme is considered a maintenance facial.


Enzyme Therapy is the recommended next step after the Mini Enzyme Treatment,


Includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, professional exfoliation, extractions, Mini Enzyme mask, serums, moisturizer, SPF, and finishes with a neck & shoulder massage.

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Microcurrent Treatment/Series



Microcurrent Facial Treatment | 75 minutes | $139

Includes: double cleanse, professional exfoliation, extractions, microcurrent treatment, mask, neck, shoulder & decollete massage, serums, moisturizer and SPF 

Mini Microcurrent Treatment | 45 minutes | $99

Includes: cleanse, microcurrent treatment, serums, moisturizer and SPF. 

Series Package available: Series of 12 | $1,050

The series package includes 12 treatments in total. Package includes 3 Microcurrent Facial Treatments & 9 Mini Microcurrent Treatments. *Series Package must be paid in full at first appointment-no exceptions and no refunds due to special pricing.

Using the phenomenal microcurrent technology from Neurotris, microcurrent is an anti-aging treatment that uses a gentle, extremely low-level electrical current to energize the cells to increase ATP by 500% (ATP is a molecule that is the main energy source of all our cells).

Increasing ATP helps to improve the signs of aging by improving muscle tone, lifts and sculpts areas experiencing loss of firmness, decreases lines & wrinkles, provides microcirculation, helps with healing, promotes collagen and elastin production, and increases hydration levels. Microcurrent helps to restore the appearance of youthful skin and is also amazing for maintaining skin for those in their 20's & 30's.

​For best results, a series of treatments is highly suggested as further changes will be more dramatic, effective and lasting. 

​Hydration is key to a successful microcurrent treatment. It is strongly suggested to drink 16oz.+ prior to microcurrent and 16-32oz. after your treatment.


Click here to learn more about Microcurrent as well as series recommendations.

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